Social Campaigns

We can help you manage your social strategy so you're saying the right things, to the right people, on the right platforms.

Social media, once the domain of the under 25s and early adopters, is now a staple part of the marketing mix for most businesses. It provides an authentic and measurable way to connect with your audience, and when used right it has the potential to drive customer loyalty and activation.

Your social strategy should be centred around your target demographics; what motivates, them, what media are they consuming online, what messages do you want them to take away and what are you asking them to do? Central Station can develop this social media strategy for you and work with you to implement it.

This might mean setting up your profiles on whatever social platform the strategy has identified as valuable, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest. We can work with you to set up a schedule for posting, write copy for posts, and design a suite of profile images and header banners.

When a campaign calls for social advertising, we can create and manage sponsored ads, stories and video rolls - depending on the best mix for your brand and goals. Let’s get social, together.