Custom Development

With expertise in custom intranets and apps, API integration, hosting & security, here's how we look after your digital needs so you can focus on your business.

Nowadays, websites are about more than information. They have become the vehicles to grow and develop businesses online. We don’t believe in standard templates and cookie-cutter websites. If your business is unique, it needs a website to suit.

Discover new ways to market your business. Do you need:

  • A designed software solution that integrates with your website?
  • User data that sits within a client login area?
  • An app that your staff can use to improve performance within their day-to-day job?

Central Station can develop your ideas and make them a reality. When we work with our customers, we often find that there isn’t always a quick fix or an add-on that provides the exact feature they want from their website. We love that because it means we can use our skills and experience to build a custom solution from the ground up.

We embrace new ideas. Even if it’s just your concept scribbled down on the back of a napkin, we’ll take that and turn it into something real. We can develop the concept to best suit your business goals.

Key areas we specialise in

Build custom intranets

Intranets are great for businesses. They act as communication hubs, where employees can share resources, memos, and store important information and data.

At Central Station, we understand that every workplace communicates differently. We build intelligent intranet software that’s tailored specifically to your business. Our intranets are built to help your employees collaborate, communicate and get work done more effectively.

We understand that the information you share within your business is important. That’s why our intranet software is built to securely store your data.

Our intranets can be built for:

  • Internal websites for important events
  • Staff training and support
  • Company files and documents
  • Delivering key business information that is easily accessible
  • User access: manage who can update and customise permissions
  • SilverStripe platform and more

Develop your custom app

We see applications as an extension of your business. They can be a way to further reach your customers, or to improve communication and training within your business. You may already have an app concept in mind, but don’t know how to implement it. That’s what we’re here for.

How we turn your concept into something real:

  1. Concept and strategy
  2. Build custom app
  3. Continue to support (improvements, updates, security)

Grow your e-commerce business

When it comes to selling your products or services online, you’ve got to have a website that’s built with your target shoppers in mind. If a customer doesn’t like a site, or can’t navigate, they’ll leave. And when your revenue comes from online, you can’t risk a site crashing, or losing vital customer data like payment information. That’s why your site has to be built securely.

We develop e-commerce sites to grow your online business. Because your customers all have different needs, we develop custom e-commerce functionality that’s unique to your buyers.

Our e-commerce solutions can be built for:

  • Managing stock and inventory control
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Multi-currency processing and payment gateway integration
  • Custom pricing if your business has subscription billing or tiered pricing especially within a wholesale, retail environment
  • A global market with adaptable language options

Seamless integration across different software

Why do we like to build custom APIs? There are multitudes of software out there. Our integrations bridge the gap. They let you share data by allowing one piece of software to talk to another.

Our developers are experts in integrating third-party applications into SilverStripe. We’ve been building integrations since 2010 and know how to integrate into a seamless fit. Instead of building a completely new system from the ground up, we can incorporate and connect different software.

Because people access online information in so many ways, it’s hugely beneficial to integrate across platforms. That way you can have your website or app talking to one another. This is crucial when working across web, desktop and mobile.

If you are running current systems, we can build:

  • Custom API’s that can talk to existing databases
  • User data, financial data, product data, CRM’s, accounting software
  • If you require information to perform a task and that information live separate to your app or website we can build a custom integration to get them talking together.