SilverStripe CMS

As long time SilverStripe developers, we’re proud to use the CMS and platform Kiwi’s love.

SilverStripe is a trusted platform that is open-source, Kiwi-made and trusted by small businesses and government departments alike. Over a combined 15 years, our developers have sharpened their SilverStripe skills and we can proudly say that our SilverStripe developers are some of the best.

With SilverStripe, we build and design beautiful and functional websites that are flexible and embrace an open-source framework. That means you’re not restricted to one simple template. When you use SilverStripe, you get an adaptable CMS with the coding to back it up.

Why we choose SilverStripe

Easy to update content

One of the reasons why we’ve been such a committed SilverStripe partner from day one is because it's CMS lets you easily control your content editing (without having to be an expert in HTML or coding).

It means our customers can be directly involved with what goes into their site once it’s live, and because the system can be tailored to their needs, it can be used for all types of businesses, from startups, to family-run businesses to large corporates and government agencies across NZ.

Speak to your customers in their language

Another great feature of the SilverStripe CMS is that it can make your content adapt to the language you want. That means you can reach more customers with a multilingual platform that adapts to wherever they’re viewing from. A few of the languages you can use on SilverStripe CMS:

  • New Zealand English, US, Australian or UK English
  • Te Reo Maori
  • Chinese
  • German

80+ more languages to choose from to suit the target market of your business. Let your customers visit your website in the language of their choice.

Add what you want, how you want

SilverStripe understands that every website is different. Some prefer to be more content heavy, while others want a mix of media. Using SilverStripe’s easy-to-follow add-on functions, with a few clicks you can:

  • Set up content approval workflows
  • Publish or un-publish different items on a particular date
  • Share the same content across multiple sites
  • Embed images, videos, slideshows and other media
  • Easily drag and drop files across all your pages

Secure and reliable

It’s important to make sure everything is safe for your visitors before launching your website to the world. We understand that the businesses we work with want to be confident in their CMS. We choose SilverStripe because of it’s well thought-out security measures. This allows you to:

  1. Easily track your edits with version history (it comes standard with every page)
  2. Manage different levels of access for editing pages of your website
  3. Create and design content without publishing it first

And if you want to really optimise your CMS, we can set up your website on the SilverStripe platform, a solution to securely host and monitor your site.

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