SilverStripe Platform

A SilverStripe platform that does more than just host - we look after your website so you can focus on your business.

We understand how important a solid hosting service is, that’s why we recommend hosting your SilverStripe CMS on the SilverStripe Platform.

A great website is nothing if you don’t have a strong hosting solution to back it up. If a server goes down, it can cause a real loss to a business. It means you have to shift focus from running your company to trying to get your website or app back up and running. This loses you time, money, and even customers. Not to mention the risk of losing important data that’s vital to your business. That’s why it’s important to have a secure and reliable hosting platform that can handle the job.

While we manage the design and functionality, and you control the content where you like, the SilverStripe Platform hosting solution takes care of the rest. That includes:

  • Amazon Web Services Cloud Hosting
  • A dedicated team of experts to look after your site if it goes offline 24/7
  • Elimination of traffic issues and optimised performance for speed
  • Continuous deployment pipeline

We know how to get the best out of the SilverStripe CMS, that’s why we choose to use the SilverStripe Platform. We understand that for a business, your website is like a living thing. But you can’t always be there to check up on your site. That’s why SilverStripe Platform exists.

It goes beyond hosting. You have a dedicated tech team, there to check up on your site, make sure it’s running smoothly and optimise it so you get the most out of your website.

Optimise your website’s performance

When you use the SilverStripe platform, you have a dedicated support team that’s there to check up on your site and make sure it’s running it’s best. The SilverStripe tech experts can track traffic and eliminate any performance issues before they slow down your site. And to go the extra step, they’re able to optimise your website’s performance, without the extra costs.

Engineered perfectly with SilverStripe CMS in mind

Are you using or wanting to use the SilverStripe CMS? It makes sense to host it on a platform that is built to match perfectly, right? The SilverStripe Platform is optimised to run all SilverStripe applications. Let the support team monitor your day-to-day website, so you can get back to your business’ focus.

Stay one step ahead of any threat

SilverStripe Platform takes security seriously. That’s why they have a dedicated security team to monitor any threats or potential hacks. The security team is on hand 24/7 to monitor any risks. Even if there’s a threat at 3am, they’ll respond. You can feel confident that someone’s always there to watch over your website.