SEO & SEM Management

Your website design might be amazing, but that’s worthless if nobody ever finds it.

We understand how important SEO and SEM is for a business. If you’re not on that first page of a Google search, then chances are you won’t be seen. And Google constantly changes its algorithms, so target keywords are always changing as well. Central Station has a robust process for search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) that delivers our clients increased traffic and puts them in front of potential customers.

SEO increases your search engine traffic by carefully improving and promoting your website. But it’s so much more than just great keywords. SEO covers so many aspects – for example the frequency and relevance of words on the page and in titles or URLs, how fast your site’s load speed is, and alt tags for images.

SEM is a type of online advertising. You’ve probably heard of Google adwords, which is one of the most popular CPC or cost-per-click offers. CPC-based advertising allows businesses to pay only for the targeted leads they receive making it highly targeted and cost efficient. In the competitive online marketplace, this can spell success faster than other advertising methods. You can scale the campaign to suit your budget, so you don't need to be put off by thinking you need to spend thousands.