Media Planning

We have a fully integrated, 360° capability to meet all your communication needs across digital and traditional media.

At Central Station, our creative work is designed to make a difference for your business. So it’s essential we reach your target audience through effective media strategy, or we’re only doing part of the job. A first step is establishing whether we’re aiming for above, below, or through the line.

High visibility, traditional media such as TV commercials, radio ads and magazine advertising are above the line. They reach a mass audience and are great at delivering a brand message or for building awareness.

Advertising that targets your customer more directly is below the line. Here, you're talking to a customer through point of sale, direct marketing or product sampling.

And through the line? Digital advertising has given the media its biggest ever shake up over the last 10 years. The amount of time people spend on screens, and the ability to target customers with very specific demographic data, has created a space for advertising that is both mass in its audience reach but also be very targeted.

Research and a great strategy that is relevant to your brand and your customer is essential for planning your media, and because we work in parallel with the creative development of your campaign, we consider it from every angle. Media doesn’t operate in isolation.

We have a genuine passion to go beyond the obvious media solution for you. Let's talk.