Identity Design

Is there any substitute for great design? Short answer, no.

Our entire team spend their lives excited by the beauty of art, the emotion of colour and the memory of type styles. And designers with that kind of dedication are who you want thinking about your brand identity. They speak the visual language that distil the essence of what your business, product or service stands for.

This might start with logo design, either refreshing your existing one or crafting something new as your brand’s mark out in the world. And your logo is just one part of the toolkit; the colour palette, graphic elements, font choices and written tone of voice that accompany it are all essential parts of a strong brand identity.

Documenting your brand guidelines is often the last step in finalising a new or refreshed identity, and Central Station have years of experience in putting together these documents for marketing teams or company owners.

Have a new product that needs a logo, a project that needs a new look, or want to overhaul your brand completely? Let’s talk. There’s nothing our creatives love more.