Heritage Hotel 8

Heritage Hotels | In-room Collateral

Creating contemporary and on-brand collateral for a nationwide hotel group.

After bringing a new, contemporary, on-brand compendium to life in 2017, Heritage Hotels briefed us to work on revising the in-room elements which had become cluttered and inconsistent. Our task was to concept a set of elements that served both a practical purpose and added touches of delight or enjoyment to the customer's experience.

In-room elements talk directly to current guests; a mix of business and leisure stays. These touch points strengthen affiliation with the Heritage brand and expose them to new hotel services or other hotels in group.

With a strong set of established visuals and some exciting customer insights to work with, we created items such as:

  • door hangers and menus
  • environmental cards
  • coasters
  • key wallets
  • welcome cards