Time Tripper Cover

KJet | Time Tripper

Developing a name and visual identity to market a new, one-of-a-kind Queenstown experience.

KJet are the world’s first commercial jet boat operators, so they’re no strangers when it comes to leading the way.

They came to us with a mind-blowing project that they developed with renowned Ian Taylor; an immersive, theatrical experience built in their old Underwater Observatory.

The underwater time machine takes the audience on an audiovisual journey through the history of Queenstown from the age of dinosaurs through the Maori legend of Taniwha carving Lake Wakatipu, to modern day adventure tourism.

Our first challenge was to name the experience and pair it with a visual identity that would make it stand out in a crowded tourism capital.

Time Tripper was then rolled out in to a rack brochure with speciality print finish, signage, web page and staff uniforms.

The Time Tripper experience opened to the public in December 2019, and is one of the most unique and exciting attractions on offer.