Pnz Telehealth Cover

Physiotherapy New Zealand | Telehealth

Pivoting in the middle of a public campaign to respond to client and member needs in a pandemic.

Early in 2020, Physiotherapy New Zealand were promoting their Don't Say OH! Say Physio campaign, with digital banners, terrestrial radio and online radio activity.

In March, the COVID-19 crisis and a subsequent lockdown put everyone in their homes and stopped physios being able to practice as usual - all media activity was paused.

Responding to the need of the community to continue accessing the help of physiotherapists, and that of the PNZ members to keep their practices going, the Telehealth offering was identified and developed.

Within two weeks, a new campaign promoting physiotherapy appointments by telehealth was conceived and media bookings were reworked with this new objective.

The campaign rolled out in to radio adlets and sponsorship, programmatic digital display banners, social media, Youtube videos and search.