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Cystic Fibrosis | Website Redesign & Rebuild

Creating a better website to bring brighter futures to people with CF.

As part of their 50th year anniversary, Cystic Fibrosis New Zealand set about launching a new website in 2018. The mission of CFNZ is to optimize the quality of life for people with CF and their families; the website is a critical tool for generating donations, providing accessible information on CF and support services, provide tools for volunteers and fundraisers, and visually communicate the ethos of the charity.

The job called for the technical expertise to integrate online donation services, manage sensitive data, streamline multiple communication channels, create self-managing branch pages, and multiple online forms. It also required an understanding and appreciation for the charitable sector, and sensitivity to the vision of CFNZ and the stories of their community.

Our solution was a bright and engaging design which prioritises positive impact stories and organises content in audience-centric ways making it easy to navigate and rewarding to explore. The robust SilverStripe CMS was chosen for its security and ease of use, and we easily integrated with 3rd-party systems to manage donations, grants and newsletters.

Nearly two years on from launch and the site continues to receive great feedback. For those in the CFNZ team, it’s a valuable and hardworking tool that enables the furthering of their organisation’s goals. For the community, it’s a wealth of assets and information - creating a better future for Kiwis living with Cystic Fibrosis.