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Helping kiwis become blood donors and save lives by giving blood & plasma

New Zealand Blood Services - SilverStripe Development Solutions

Diverse audiences, complex operational requirements, and an abundance of content were turned into smooth user journeys focused on converting curious people into new donors and casual donors into regular, frequent donors.

We helped more New Zealanders donate blood & plasma

A comprehensive discovery exercise helped us understand the motivations of people who use the website as well as the technical requirements for operational continuity. We could then restructure, redesign, and rebuild the NZ Blood Service website using the latest edition of SilverStripe framework for stability, security, and scalability to get more people giving blood & plasma more often. Key conversion steps such as the appointment booking system, eligibility quiz, and travel checker were thoughtfully considered to hide complex logic and deceptively simple to use.


We made it easier for people to check when it’s safe to donate after travelling.

The new design allows people to check multiple destinations at once, aggregates common health risks to reduce the number of questions, and produces clear, straight-forward advice on wait times for the most pertinent risk and destination for blood, plasma, and platelets.

A modular page system enables the NZ Blood team to create beautiful web pages in no time and with no development cost.

Each content page can be created from a set of flexible modules. This enables the marketing team at NZ Blood to be nimble, agile and create beautiful, content rich and engaging pages.

A personalised donor portal allows self-management and long-term engagement of the donors.

The new donor portal integrates with NZ Blood's centralised donor management system to synchronise with the mobile app and engage donors over time.


Easier for people to become a first-time donor.

Content was restructured, edited and formatted to guide and steer people through each stage of their journey, from becoming a first-time donor to being role models and influencers to their friends, family and colleagues. Donors and recipients share their Amazing Stories, content informs those learning about the importance and demand for blood, the new eligibility quiz helps to prequalify potential donors, and people can easily register during the booking process.

Easier to book appointments to donate.

The new booking system guides people through steps and prioritises relevant availability options to reduce distraction and streamline the process. New donors can check their eligibility and register as they book their first appointment.

We revitalised the NZ Blood brand online.

Their new website helps NZBS keep their content visually engaging, consistently on-brand, and mobile-friendly with modular design templates. New visual style guides were incorporated into design patterns and consistent core elements.