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NZ Frontiers | Website Redesign & Rebuild

Raising the online offering of a small tourism business, to match their outstanding in-person service.

New Zealand Frontiers rents a fleet of quality motorhomes to independent travellers wanting to explore the beauty of New Zealand. Their website had served well for many years but had fallen behind modern expectations which impacts the perception of credibility, quality and trust.

The owner/operator came to us to redesign and develop a website which better reflects the brand values that appeal to customers in a competitive market – personal service, local advice, honesty and transparency. He also wanted to improve on his helpful tools for people planning their big New Zealand adventure on a fast, simple, intuitive, mobile-friendly website that would be easy for him to self-manage.

The resulting website embodies the spirit of NZ Frontiers – and the commitment of the client to write and populate the pages with rich, quality content is what makes it stand out.

Here’s what the client had to say:

"When New Zealand Frontiers decided upon the team at Central Station for the redevelopment of our website, as an owner operated motorhome rental company we were probably one of the smaller clients they’d signed up. Despite the modest size, New Zealand Frontiers has several decades of tourism industry experience, an established reputation for personal service, and a pretty concise idea of what works for websites and what was required in terms of both content and appearance. Choosing a bespoke site developed by a talented, competent team like Central Station over the plethora of cheaper options available was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Before even starting the design work Central Station took time to understand our product and service standards, applying their marketing skills to develop a couple of proposals that took all specified requirements and literally turbo-charged them. The result was functional, image-rich, included an unanticipated rebranded logo, and literally exhilarated to the point that newfound pride in the company was fostered. All staff were a pleasure to work with and were professional and friendly throughout the project. At all times Central Station applied patience and the integrity that their original proposal suggested, along with an ability to deliver more than had been expected.

At the end of the day a website that sells products or services is a shop. It needs to capture attention, look good, dispense helpful advice, be easy to use and sit among prime real estate. The new website that Central Station built for New Zealand Frontiers has been so popular with clients that they’ve even described it as the best in our industry. It is now easy to make continuous updates to site content thanks to the simple management system. As the proud owner/operator of a company with a thoroughly refreshed website I have no hesitation in enthusiastically recommending Central Station if you want a stress free upgrade of your marketing presence that will ensure you shine among your competitors. The cost of achieving such an impressive result was less than the sales commission avoided in a single year by dealing directly with clients via a confidence inducing website, even for a tiny company like New Zealand Frontiers."