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Physiotherapy New Zealand | Public Campaign

Reminding Kiwis that an active life is a happy life, with a public awareness campaign.

Physiotherapy New Zealand is the national membership organisation for physiotherapists - over 4,000 members benefit from their services which includes advocacy, professional development, research and networking opportunities. With a refreshed website including a public Find A Physio service, PNZ wanted to advertise this service with a public campaign.

Physio is one of the leading options for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and it can treat a broader range of conditions than many Kiwis are aware of. 50% of people say they currently have a condition that physio can help with, but they don’t go – so we wanted to address this ‘grin and bear it’ approach. How? By reminding Kiwis that an active life is a happy life, and a PNZ physio should be a first-call option if they’re putting up with a healthcare concern that is preventing them from achieving this.