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Serving up technical goodness for this leading food company since 2014.

Silver Fern Farms’ brand has kept evolving, adding to the depth of its positioning by layering stories, since launching the original Silver Fern Farms website in 2013. It needed a refresh to achieve three key project goals: a mobile friendly, fully responsive website; a website that aligned with its evolved positioning and a website which gave the team flexibility and control. This meant an upgraded SilverStripe CMS with lots of new features to future proof the system as much as possible.

It was chosen to go with a modular approach to SilverStripe CMS, developing 25 different in-page modules to use around the Silver Fern Farms site. This allows the content editors to change the layout of pages and the in-page modules on the fly. Silver Fern Farms team can create campaigns and put the website into another language, without having to go to the development team. We then improved on their in-page module system by creating a visual editor to go with it. Content editors of Silver Fern Farms can see the front end of the pages they are editing – on rollover, they can see what module is being used and edit that module accordingly.

An alternative method to define content in the CMS, either replacing or amending the core "page type" system of SilverStripe CMS. Allows authors to insert "content modules" into a page as separate items, which enables more flexible content structures, both for sidebar-style content and flexible main content areas.

To date, the results speak for themselves. In the three months post launch, website visitors were up 30% on the previous period and visitors are engaging more with the content – spending an extra 25 seconds on average per visit on the site and visiting more pages. Feedback from customers and consumers has been overwhelmingly positive.

General Manager Marketing Sharon Angus says: “ is a key medium to tell a story of our place, people and passion that is Silver Fern Farms, with our customers and consumers around the world. It is essential that we tell this story effectively on platforms which are increasingly mobile, with rich and engaging content.”