Gibson Valley Hero

Gibbston Valley | Website Backend Rebuild

Building a new back-end to give a Central Otago winery greater control of their online business.

Gibbston Valley Winery faced a necessary update to its web presence and the building of a new back-end system, which would eliminate many frustrations from the previous system.

With responsive design and customisation in mind, the marketing website was built using reusable content blocks (modules), customisable forms and promotion blocks. Some clever solutions were designed with an international audience in mind, we created a customisable dictionary for translating phrases that do not translate word for word naturally from eastern languages.

For the online shop, we started by using the standard SilverStripe ecommerce module and then added custom requirements including currency conversion, product ratings and reviews, IP based auto, related product suggestions at checkout, and a complex shipping matrix.

The most exciting challenge in this project was the Wine Club; approximately 5000 domestic and international members with custom picked quarterly shipments meant that the logistics of that process were immense. Our development created email campaigns to alert members to select wine, custom wine shipment solution, auto loading of new catalogues, and selective processing by region or member type.

The end product is a site where the client has complete control of every aspect of the web content, e-commerce shop or wine club. Gibbston Valley can change the layouts, shop pricing, discount levels, vouchers, shipping prices. Gibbston Valley was extremely happy with the end result. We continue to work with them to enhance and improve their exporting capabilities.