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Heritage Hotels | Grand Tea Room Booklet

Designing and producing a marketing book for the final act of The Grand Tearoom.

In 1930, a grand space was designed and furnished in impeccable Art Deco style, built to celebrate the 21st birthday of the department store that occupied the building. Generations of Aucklanders met there for tea, families celebrated, and organisations staged impressive events over many decades.

Now sitting atop the Heritage Hotel in Auckland, it was a completely unique vanue often used for weddings and corporate functions, but in late 2018 the space was offered for private sale. Heritage asked us to create a piece of material to promote the last opportunity for clients to host a business event or gala dinner.

For a space so grand, our design pulled graphic devices that gave a nod to the Art Deco style of the room. The book format was elegantly designed as tall and slender, with a mix of sumptuous purple and rich gold accents on the cover.