Nz Blood Hero

New Zealand Blood Service | SilverStripe Development Solutions

Developing and integrating bespoke solutions for an innovative and data-sensitive client.

New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) came to us in late 2015 for help with their SilverStripe development on the common web platform (CWP). We have since developed and designed multiple applications and been involved in many projects over the years.

Online Booking System

We got tasked to designing and developing a user-friendly booking system for their donors. Going through the discovery and strategy stage with user flows, wireframes and HTML prototyping making a smoother transition when it came to design and delivery the project.

Functionality included:

  • API Integration with New Zealand Blood Services CRM and Medical DB’s to create a online donation portal with user logins to keep donor information, donation teams, donation history and current bookings.
  • Whole blood and plasma donation search using Google geolocation services to query API for available dates.
  • Distance based sorting on user current location.
  • Validation on if the user is eligible to donate, validation on age and last donation date.

Immunoglobulin Online Tool

Clinicians had to be able to request immunoglobulin blood products from NZBS for specific patients. This may be one-off requests but also include ongoing requests following deemed timeframes after monitoring the patient on the products. Blood bank and other staff to be able to view the status of patients on immunoglobulin blood products and identify the clinician and NZBS TMS responsible.

NZBS Transfusion Medical Specialists (TMS) needed the ability to be notified when a clinician registers on the portal (verify access), and also approve/decline the request for the patient, providing commentary where appropriate.

We created an online responsive application that doctors use throughout New Zealand including API Integrations for the relevant DB’s for patient data. We had to run strict protocols and data security measures to get sign off from DHB stakeholders, and the successful product is testament to the specialist development solutions that we are able to deliver.